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The TRAX-IT Slaughterhouse Software Animal Receiving can be managed using a standalone program, which runs on either a desktop computer, or a stainless-steel touchscreen computer, which is mounted in the receiving barn.

The program records the supplier, feedlot, animal type, program type (brand), custom kill or purchase, truck information, # of animals received, # of animals held, # of animals condemned and other inspection data. Alternatively, the animal reception can be managed: 

  • At the knock box, using versions of the program, which run either on a wireless handheld computer a stainless-steel touchscreen computer,


  • At the hot weight (dressed weight) scale, using a version of the program, which runs on a stainless-steel touchscreen computer.

When an animal is harvested, it will receive a TRAX-IT animal number, which can be tracked as it moves on the rail, using either a carcass ID barcode ticket, or a trolley hook ID tracking system.

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