Slaughterhouse software news update

July 2020

Merit-Trax Technologies listens to feedback from our customers, and stays on top of industry changes trends, in order to add beneficial upgrades to our Slaughterhouse Software, Trax-IT Slaughterhouse software.

Our goal is to always implement our Slaughterhouse Software to maximize its benefits for our customers. With that in mind we’ve added the following new features to our Trax-IT Slaughterhouse software, including:

The new version of our Slaughterhouse Software includes upgraded programs that use web services to communicate in real-time with the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) and the Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS).

The programs include:

The TRAX-IT Software CLTS Tag Retirement program prepares and transmits the daily tag retirement records to the CLTS website, using webservices.

The TRAX-IT Software Animal Birthdate program creates and maintains a replicated copy of the CCIA birthdate database on a local server in the slaughterhouse, using web services to communicate with the CCIA database. This allows the birthdate and OTM status of an animal to be verified in real-time at the knock box.

The new version of our TRAX-IT Slaughterhouse Software has a new shipping and inventory production management tool, which allows a slaughterhouse to determine its product availability and production needs more accurately for a selected range of shipment dates. The program allows shipping and production managers to track available inventory, production needs, and sales order fulfillment in real-time.

The new version of our Slaughterhouse Software can seamlessly scan the barcodes of boxes, which were packed and labelled by third-parties, for use in our TRAX-IT Slaughterhouse Software Inventory, Warehousing, and Shipping modules.

The new version of our TRAX-IT Slaughterhouse Software has additional options to meet the packaging and labelling requirements for custom slaughter customers, and integrates with Bartender label design and automated printing software.

The new version of our Slaughterhouse Software has additional options to automate and semi-automate the palletization and inventory update of boxes that are packed for inventory or packed to ship to order.

The new version of our TRAX-IT Slaughterhouse Software meets all the requirements of the new CFIA Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR).

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