3PL Warehouse Management Software

TRAX-IT 3PL Warehouse Management Software is a powerful business management tool for small to medium size cold storage operators. The software will enhance your existing business processes, because Merit-Trax can customize it, so that you do not have to change your business processes to suit the software.

The TRAX-IT 3PL Warehouse Management Software can perform traditional 3PL functions, including:

  • Inventory Receiving by lot, pallet, box, and weight
  • Inventory management by lot, pallet, box, and weight
  • Warehouse location management by lot, pallet, box, and weight
  • Shipping by pallet and box
  • Barcode scanning by pallet and box
  • Cross docking
  • Box level traceability
  • Recurring storage and activity-based billing management
  • EDI and customized electronic data sharing and Interfaces to accounting and ERP software packages  

The TRAX-IT 3PL Warehouse Management Software can also perform value added functions, which can expand the services that you can offer to your meat industry customers, including:

  • Interfaces directly with weigh scales
  • Combo box repacking into standard size boxes
  • Individual box repacking and relabeling
  • Grind input and packing
  • Ready to eat portioning and packing
  • Manages production yields, waste and shrinkage
  • Box level traceability

TRAX-IT software uses our award-winning traceability technology in innovative ways to improve operations and inventory management for catch weight products and products which need to be tracked by attributes such as production date, best before date, brand, etc. 


Our software helps to meet FSMA and SFCR requirements.

The FDA has finalized and integrated seven major rules to implement FSMA, recognizing that ensuring the safety of the food supply is a shared responsibility among many different points in the global food supply chain.

The FSMA rules are designed to make clear specific actions that

must be taken critical points to prevent contamination and ensure easier traceability.

The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) were designed to improve food product quality and safety for Canadian customers. To be licensed, companies must have a rigorous food safety program based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) methodology.

These food safety regulations are continually being updated and having boosted rules added to be enforced.

When it comes to the food business and consumers, they want to know

that they can trust the companies that are supplying the public.

Not only is having software that meets traceability and regulation requirements a way to establish that consumer confidence, but it is also bottom line proficient in helping you make the best production decisions to maximize potential profit and proficiency.

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3PL warehouses run their operations smoother, quicker and more efficiently because our software is custom fitted to their needs making it intuitive, simple to learn, and easy to use.


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