TRAX-IT® Slaughterhouse Software

Live weights, hot weights, 

demerit weights, cold weights,

Carcass weights can be recorded at the knock box (live weight), the inspection rail off (demerit weight), the hot weight station, and the cold weight station.

For example, the TRAX-IT Slaughterhouse Software Hot Weight program runs on a stainless-steel touchscreen computer at the hot weight scale. 

Each side of the larger animals (beef, bison, deer, etc.) is weighed individually, or the full carcasses of the smaller animal types (lambs, pigs) are weighed. 

The computer can have a tethered barcode scanner, which can be used to

scan the carcass ID barcode tickets, or the TRAX-IT Slaughterhouse Software can

receive the animal number from a trolley hook tracking system. 

The operator can record the inspection and trim status of a carcass.


The computer can be connected to the hot weight scale indicator and the program can receive the gross weight directly from the indicator. 

The tare weight of the hooks are stored in the TRAX-IT database, and the program will deduct the tare weight of the hook from the gross weight on the scale. 

A barcode printer, which is connected to the touchscreen

computer, will print one hot weight ticket for each side or quarter for the larger animals, and one or two tickets for each carcass for the smaller animals. 

For the larger animals, each ticket will have the weight of the

side or quarter, and the total carcass weight. 

Each hot weight ticket will have a unique barcode which identifies

the Animal Number and the carcass, side, or quarter. 

The hot weight data for each animal will be saved with the animal

record that was created at the knock box. 

Each carcass, side, or quarter will be added to the carcass cooler


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