Value Chain Management

TRAX-IT® Value Chain Management

TRAX-IT Value Chain traceability software is a complete farm to fork traceability solution for producers, slaughterhouses, packers, processors and retailers who are working together as partners to produce their own brand of products.
The software is customizable and is built using modified versions of our other TRAX-IT software modules, including  TRAX-IT Slaughterhouse, TRAX-IT Meat Processor, TRAX-IT Food Processor, TRAX-IT Food Distribution & Warehousing, and TRAX-IT Livestock Manager. Each module uses our award-winning traceability technology in innovative ways to collect, integrate, manage and share secure data in real-time.
Value chains can run their operations smoother, quicker and more efficiently because our software is custom fitted to their needs, which makes it intuitive, simple to learn, and easy to use.

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