Traceability Services

Merit-Trax Technologies prides itself in being recognized among the leaders within the field of food processing and value chain traceability.
Our President Michael Miskin, and Merit-Trax, have received recognition in industry publications, and from governments, and industry associations.
Merit-Trax Technologies has received numerous awards for technological innovation, improving productivity and implementing data collaboration in value chains
We offer our expertise for food traceability systems, not only through our software, but also as consultants. If your operation is in need of an overview for where you stand with regards to traceability needs, we can be of assistance to you.
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From Trace and R&D 2009:
Michael Miskin
Merit-Trax Technologies Inc. 
Michael Miskin has more than  10 years of experience in the implementation of traceability services and solutions. He was instrumental in the development of the traceability system at Atlantic Beef Products and is currently working on traceability solutions for the Ontario Veal Association and the Ontario Corn Fed Beef Program.
Connecting the Supply Chain