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TRAX-IT® Meat Processing Software

TRAX-IT Meat Processing software puts traceability to work for you by implementing our award winning traceability technology in innovative ways for meat processing traceability. The software integrates data collection needs for production management, quality assurance, HACCP and traceability, to the case or SKU level for ingredients, premix batches and finished products.
Data for record keeping is collected and is instantly available to track production using rugged handheld and touch screen computers over a secure wireless network. Managers and floor operators are alerted in advance when a quality assurance or food safety issue is about to occur.
Some of the software’s key features are:

  • Improve production forecasting and costing with accurate inventory
  • Reduce your inventory levels and carrying costs
  • Eliminate spoilage by tracking and picking your oldest ingredients and products first
  • Bill of materials and recipe management
  • Production batch management
  • Raw material and ingredient purchasing/receiving
  • Ingredient traceability and allergen tracking
  • Computerized HACCP and HARCP quality assurance record keeping
  • Boxing, weighing, and labeling
  • Interfaces directly with weigh scales, barcode scanners, thermometers and RFID readers
  • Warehouse management
  • Customer order entry, shipping & invoicing
  • Interfaces to accounting and ERP software packages
  • Electronic data sharing, and EDI with suppliers/customers
  • Comply with customers GFSI certified food safety and traceability requirements

Our Meat Processing software runs smoothly with its intuitive “scan, point & click” user screens and its interfaces to multiple data collection devices.
All of our TRAX-IT traceability software products are quick to learn, and easy to use.

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