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Livestock Manager

TRAX-IT® Livestock Manager

TRAX-IT Livestock Manager is traceability software which provides all the software you need for individual animal management for feedlots, including production management, quality assurance record keeping and traceability.
The software uses a rugged handheld computer with an integrated RFID reader, or a touch screen computer which is connected to scales and RFID panel readers.
Our cattle identification traceability software makes traceability an easy task to perform, with our simplified registration of CLTS events and our real-time usage of the CCIA Age Replicated database.
The TRAX-IT Livestock Manager software system can:

  • Collect data by group or individual animal
  • Animal receiving, sorting & shipping
  • Register CLTS traceability events automatically over the internet
  • Display animal birthdates in real-time using the CCIA Age Replicated database
  • Record animal management events, drug treatments, dosages and withdrawals
  • Track revenue and costs by barn, pen, and lot
  • Interfaces directly with weigh scales and RFID panel readers
  • Electronic data sharing with suppliers/customers

Feedlots can run their operations smoother, quicker and more efficiently because our software is intuitive, simple to learn, and easy to use.

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