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Livestock Cow Calf Manager

TRAX-IT® Livestock Cow Calf Manager

TRAX-IT Livestock Cow Calf software is traceability software which provides all of the software you need for animal management, including production management, quality assurance record keeping and traceability. It uses a rugged handheld computer with an integrated RFID reader, or a touch screen computer, which connect to scales, RFID panel readers, and auto sorters. Our identification traceability software makes traceability an easy task to perform, with our simplified registration of CLTS event.

  • It has lots of memory with all your animal data in the palm of your  hand
  • It records breeding, birth, weaning, replacement and production events.
  • Register CLTS traceability events automatically over the internet
  • It manages inventory, movements, replacements and disposals.
  • Record animal management events, drug treatments, dosages and withdrawals
  • It tracks revenue and costs
  • Reports are quick and easy to produce.
  • Electronic data sharing with suppliers/customers
  • It uses Bluetooth to connect to livestock scales, RFID panel and head gate readers, and auto sorting systems
  • It shares data electronically with suppliers and customers.

Our Livestock traceability software runs smoothly with its intuitive “scan, point & click” user interface.
All of our TRAX-IT Livestock Manager products are quick to learn, and easy to use.

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