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Merit-Trax Technologies offers a complete line of software systems for food processors and slaughterhouses. Our software and services are truly unique, because we customize our software to enhance existing business processes, instead of forcing a business to change their processes to suit our software.
We can provide a complete ERP system or individual modules, which can be customized and integrated with your existing systems to solve specific problems.
Our TRAX-IT software runs on top of an award-winning traceability engine, which delivers incredible real-time visibility into each stage of planning, purchasing, production, sales and distribution, quality assurance, food safety and traceability
Our software uses wireless sensors, RFID tags and barcodes, and runs on rugged touch screen and mobile handheld devices, using secured wireless and web services technologies.
TRAX-IT software systems are used in food processing establishments, slaughterhouses, packing plants and distribution warehouses.
Food businesses run their operations smoother, quicker and at a lower cost because our software is custom fit, which makes it intuitive, quick to learn, and easy to use.


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