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Our History
Merit-Trax Technologies was founded in 2000 by a team of software developers and system integrators, who have more than three decades of experience working together in the food industry to develop and implement real-time processing and supply chain management systems.
We were early implementers of the GS1 (EAN/UCC) standards for barcodes to identify and manage the movement and variable attributes of boxes and pallets in meat, poultry and seafood supply chains, including the implementation of the VICS EDI standards for electronic data sharing between processors, distributors and food retailers.
Since 2000 we have participated with the food industry in the development of product identification and electronic data sharing standards. We have won several industry association awards for our innovative use of these standards, both for the technologies that we have developed, and the successful implementations that we have delivered to our customers.
At its founding Merit-Trax developed and sold food distribution, box meat inventory, fresh and frozen food warehouse and back to back food trading systems. In 2002 Merit-Trax and other business partners, including IBM, collaborated on the adoption of the GS1 (EAN/UCC) barcode and Global Data Dictionary standards to implement food traceability using the one link up / one link down method of electronic data sharing and the use of RFID technology in animal identification and food processing traceability.
The GS1 data collection, data sharing and traceability standards form the foundation for Merit-Trax’s suite of TRAX-IT ERP software systems and modules, which were developed for primary producers, slaughterhouses, meat packers, food processors and distributors.
Since 2002 Merit-Trax has been a traceability technology provider and consultant to both Agriculture and Agrifood Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
In 2006 Merit-Trax was selected by GS1 Canada and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to prepare the Can-Trace Traceability Integration Guidelines, which identified the gaps between primary producers and their downstream supply chains, and to prepare the Can-Trace Traceability Multi-Ingredient White Paper.
Our food software systems implementations in the meat industry have been recognized for their excellence in innovation, for the implementation of traceability using GS1 and VICS standards for product identification and electronic data sharing. Merit-Trax received the VICS Collaborative Commerce Achievement Award as Most Innovative Third-Party Technology Provider at the GS1 USA and VICS annual convention in Orlando in 2007.
Merit-Trax has a proven track record of innovation in implementing technology in a manner that provides our customers with maximum cost savings, which they gain through improved operational productivity and detailed production cost management. Our implementation of a TRAX-IT system for Atlantic Beef Products, earned the Canadian Information Productivity Award Gold Medal for Excellence in Innovation in 2006 and the Business Solutions Magazine Channel Innovator Award for the RFID Category in 2007.
Merit-Trax currently sells its TRAX-IT software systems in Canada, the United States and Brazil.


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