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Slaughterhouse software news update Sep 2017

Slaughterhouse software news update September 2017

Merit-Trax Technologies listens to feedback from our customers, and checks for industry changes in order to add beneficial updates to our Slaughterhouse Software, Trax-IT Slaughterhouse software.
Our goal is always to implement our Slaughterhouse Software to maximize the benefits for our customers. With that in mind we’ve added some new features to our Trax-IT Slaughterhouse software, including
The newest version of our Slaughterhouse software includes a Livestock Settlement module, which is currently being installed at multiple locations. It allows our customers to configure as many different product types, attributes and price grids as they need for both their own products and the custom kill services which they provide for third party branded beef and veal programs.
The newest version of our Slaughterhouse software also tracks the weights of individual prime cuts back to the RFID tag of each animal, and shares the data with a third-party herd management system.
The newest version of our Slaughterhouse software manages inventory by production batch number, pack date, and quality control lot number.


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